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Dorwest Tree Barks Powder

Dorwest Tree Barks Powder

100g of Dorwest Tree Barks Powder.

Helps keep your pets tummy naturally comfortable and stools normal with this blend of complementary digestive herbs.

• Slippery Elm Bark - contains mucilage, a sticky substance that helps maintain good bowel regularity and stool consistency.

• Marshmallow Root - another powerful mucilaginous herb that coats the gut, soothing and assisting gut transit.

• White Poplar Bark - helps to keep tummies comfortable, thanks to its soothing properties.

Gut problems most common in pets are: gurgling tummies, excessive wind, nausea, inappetence and looser or more frequent stools, Tree Barks Powder can help to relieve and soothe these issues.

Great for a range of digestive issues such as dogs suffering with bouts of diarrhoea , excessive acid or recovering from surgery.

Ingredients: Finely powdered slippery elm bark (50%), marshmallow root (40%), and white poplar bark (10%).

Administration: Give daily.

Add 1 tsp per 10kg of body weight to food.

(Split this total daily amount between meals) or mix with liquid.

This amount can be increased if required, based on individual response.

Can be used in pregnancy.

Can be used during lactation.

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