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I'm the CEO/founder of My Hound and I, I am a huge dog lover and nature enthusiast. I provide natural, organic treats and accessories for your dogs.

Our goal is to provide natural dog products that are high quality, have a low impact on the environment and are accessible and affordable to everyone.

I have always had a love for dogs since growing up and their health and well-being has always been of importance to me. I struggled to find genuinely healthy and natural treats in the stores that were also eco friendly and had biodegradable packaging - Being eco-conscious is something I am extremely aware of and regard highly of and have put this forward when making my small business. Reducing our carbon footprint is going to make the world a better place and by bringing together my love of dogs, health and eco consciousness created My Hound and I.

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All of our products are made from either 100% meat or 100% fish meaning there is no additional additives or preservatives and no other nasties, single source protein treats are much healthier for dogs than shop bought packet treats for example. Good quality products is important to my brand as I consistently provide high quality stock each and every time to my customers so they would never be dissatisfied and they would know it's better for their dogs. By providing quality products, customers are likely to return and tell their friends about my brand over competitors.




Independent - Coming up with new and exciting ideas to create for my customers, sourcing new stock and communicating with my customers to find out what they would like me to stock, meeting and exceeding their expectations. Being independent and unique makes you stand out from the crowd and more likely for people to use your business and return.



The meat/fish treats are sourced ethically and traced meaning no animals are harmed, this is important to us as we stand against animal cruelty, we have a love for all animals big or small. Also being environmentally friendly is a huge factor for us as we are trying to reduce our carbon footprint.

Do you cater for dogs with allergies?

Yes! If your dog has any type of allergy or intolerance please let us know and we can personalise your order to suit your dogs needs.

Can my puppy enjoy your products?

Yes they absolutely can. We have a variety of products which are suitable for small dogs and puppies from 8 weeks old. 

Once their adult teeth come through at approximately 6 months old they are able to chew tougher chews, especially our split antlers!

Can dogs eat raw bones?

Dogs can eat raw bones such as beef, lamb, turkey and chicken as they are soft enough for dogs to chew, eat and digest.

Our products are air dried to keep fresher for longer and ensures all the nutrients are packed inside.

The only bones to avoid are cooked bones as they can splinter and cause internal injury to your dogs.


We aim to post your order within 3 working days, please allow 3-5 business days for delivery.

If you require your order quicker than this please contact us before ordering and we will do our best to meet your requirements.

At the checkout you will have the option to select Standard Shipping (3-5 business days) or Next Day Delivery (1-2 business days).

Due to the current changes and circumstances caused by BREXIT and Covid-19 you may experience delays to your deliveries. 

To avoid disappointment all of our shipping options are tracked and we always provide a tracking number.

If you haven't received your order within 14 business days please send an e-mail to

We are currently only shipping to the UK, but looking to ship internationally in the future.


We are 100% sure that you will love your order from us, however if for any reason you are not entirely happy with your purchase please get in touch with us by sending a message via Email, Facebook or Instagram and we will be happy to help in anyway we can.

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