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OliveWood Chews

OliveWood Chews

Every dog has a natural urge and instinct to chew. This often starts when they are puppies and progresses to chewing furniture and shoes, this can be stopped by providing them with these olive wood chews. It is important to ensure your dog has an appropriate and edible chew toy, this helps relieve stress, anxiety and boredom.

Chewing gives natural dental care and occupies the dog. These Olivewood chews are a great way for your dog to satisfy their chewing instincts.

Olivewood chews are made from annually harvested wood, from managed Olive trees and are 100% sustainable.

Olivewood is a close grained wood that is harder than most native woods.

Simply graded, dried and sanded then lightly infused with virgin olive oil to give a healthy, safe and satisfying chew for any dog.

• Clean, safe and tasty chew

• Safer than chewing sticks

• Good for dental hygiene

• Durable and long lasting

• Infused with olive oil which is good for a healthy coat and immune system

• Suitable for all size and breeds of dog

• No artificial ingredients

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