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Lamb Dental Stick

Lamb Dental Stick

These lamb dental sticks are made from 100% natural lamb meats sourced from UK are perfect for any size or breed dogs.

The lamb dental sticks are designed into a crunchy solid stick shape and have a special abrasive texture. With daily feeding, they’re clinically proven to help reduce tartar build-up by up to 85%.

When bonded through chewing, slows down the build-up of tartar and also relieves bad breath. This makes the plaque stay softer for longer making it easier to remove by chewing the lamb Dental Sticks.

Composition: 100% Lamb

Nutritional Analysis: Crude Protein: 80.5%, Crude Oils / Fats: 3.5%, Moisture: 10%, Crude Ash: 3%, Fibre: 3%

Suitable for puppies 8 weeks+

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