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Baja Etray Shallow Slow Feeder Bowl

Baja Etray Shallow Slow Feeder Bowl

Introduce your dog to the beauty of Baja with the shallow eTray slow feeder bowl.

Inspired by Mexico's Baja peninsula and the Sea of Cortez, this bowl uses your dog's natural foraging instincts to slow down their eating and improve gut health. Keep them entertained and healthy!

Research shows that most slow feeder bowls are ineffective at slowing down your dog's eating. The Baja eTray solves this problem by upping the challenge for your dog.

The Baja eTray's segmented design is more difficult than other slow feeder bowls and promotes healthy slower eating.

ENRICHMENT: The Baja eTray is a shallow slow feeder bowl that promotes slower eating and improves digestion. Or create a fun enrichment treat by adding your dogs favourite treats to it and freeze it to make it last even longer and a nice cooling treat on a hot day!

Dimensions: 20.3 × 20.3 x 3.6 cm (8 x 8 x 1.4 in)

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