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24cm Bulls Pizzles Bulk 25 Pack

24cm Bulls Pizzles Bulk 25 Pack

25 pack of 24cm bulls pizzles. RRP £100!

Our Bully Pizzle Sticks are 100% Beef and 100% Natural.

You can purchase them individually which come in 3 sizes 12cm small, 24cm large or 50cm giant.


They are a great long lasting chew which strengthens the jaw muscles and the tough chewing helps to clean the teeth.




Helps support healthy teeth and gums

NO Artificial Colourings

NO Artificial Fragrances

NO Artificial Flavours

NO Artificial Addidtives or Preservatives


Suitable for dogs and puppiers over 12 weeks old.


Dogs should always be supervised when eating and fresh drinking water should be available at all times.

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