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Whole Haddock

Whole Haddock

100% Whole Haddock.

Air dried to retain all the nutrients fish hold such as omega 3 which is great for joint support, skin and coat health and allergies.

One whiff of this 100% Whole Dried Haddock will send your pooch into a trance!

Premium Whole Dried Haddock has no additives or preservatives, just one delicious treat that’s perfect as a high-value rewarding treat.

As long as you have these in hand, your pooch will certainly be your shadow!

The haddock can be eaten whole or cut into smaller pieces, whichever way you decide, your dog will love!

Low in fat (5.3%) these crunchy fish treats are ideal if your dog loves the taste of fish!

No where near as smelly as the shark/dog fish treats!

Approx 20cm in length.

Suitable for puppies 12 weeks+

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