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Shark (Dog Fish) 35cm

Shark (Dog Fish) 35cm

Dive deep into the ocean to grab your paws on our new and unique shark chews which are 100% dog fish and are suitable for all dogs from 12+ weeks.

Our sharks are approximately 35cm in length and are ethically sourced within the UK.

This huge treat is hypoallergenic and has many health benefits for your pooches.

Besides being a great source of Omega 3, they are delicious and one of the worlds most abundant species of fish.

Dog fish are packed full of essential oils and nutrients, especially in omega 3 which dogs do not produce in their bodies so it is essential they get this via their food.

100% natural, approx. 35cm in length, which can vary due to being a natural treat.

Composition: 100% Fish

Nutritional Analysis: Omega 3: 30%, Moisture 7%, Crude Ash 1.2% Crude Fibre 0.6%, Protein 76%, Fat Content 3.0%

Storage: Please keep in a dry and cool place away from any direct sunlight / heat sources.

Feeding Guide: Complementary feeds for dogs. Can be fed whole or cut up into smaller pieces. The whole shark can be consumed. Suitable for dogs from 12+ weeks.

Please ensure your dog has plenty of fresh water daily. Supervision on all natural treats advised.

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