Mighty Fish Chew

Mighty Fish Chew

These humongous protein rich blocks of fishy goodness are made from 100% fish skins, naturally air-dried and pressed into giant long lasting chews for your dog to gnaw and enjoy.


Size of Chew: Approx 14 cm x 8 cm.


Key Benefits:


  • Full of omega oils which have anti-inflammatory benefits great for joints and mobility.
  • Antioxidants reduce inflammation in joints and provide stamina boosts.
  • Provide moisture to skin and coats, reduces itching, less shedding and more shine!
  • Low in saturated fat, high in protein
  • Highly Digestible
  • Natural toothbrush


Suitable for dogs and puppies over 12 weeks old.


Dogs should always be supervised when eating and fresh drinking water should be available at all times.

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